Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I woke up today in a different sort of mood. For the first time in months, I really felt alive. I felt as if all my senses were on fire; refreshed renewed. It was amazing to say the least. I jumped out of bed ready to start my day but, it took me a few minutes to realize what was going on. Afraid the feeling wouldn't last, I glanced around the drab bedroom for the tenth time that morning; reaffirming to myself that something was different. First, I wasn't tired which was a miracle in itself. Second, I actually was pretty excited to start my day. Third, I had an unbelievable resolve building in my inner being. So with an extra bounce in my step, I walked to the dresser to look in the mirror. Rubbing my face, I burst into a song. I call it my Spring Song.

Spring Song

Spring dances in midair
My senses awake
Hesitating, I hold my breath
Marveling at the mysteries in front of me
No longer able to conceal my joy
I too join in the dance
Spinning and twirling
I feel my entire being leaping with excitement

My mind races as I live in the moment
Hear my heart singing before you Lord
You are great
Your mercies last forever
Who can know your goodness unless you reveal it

Pausing I say
Yes I am willing
I trust you

I will follow you
Lead me beyond the limits of human expectation
I can do anything
Be anything
Tackle anything
So here I am Lord
Do a new thing this Spring in me

At the pinnacle of my excitement
God sang back to my heart a simple melody
I will supply every need

Matthew 6:25-34

Today, I made the decision to let go of everything that hinders or stops my progress. I know that God's purpose will exceed my expectations. God is the fire that breathes inspiration through my soul. I realized through the magic of my Spring Song that God is totally in control and loves me. In fact, I am so confident of his love that I am ready to face today and every day hereafter with boldness. I'm alive, I'm revived and the fire of God is burning deep inside!
I pray that you too will embrace the love of God as we march into Spring. Trust God today to supply every need. I urge you to let go of everything and everyone who stands in your path. Victory, peace, prosperity, and joy are just around the corner but, you have to be willing to turn that corner.


Frazzled Nanny said...

Your BLOG made me smile. It really touched me. Because it made me smile, I was going to mark "funny" at the bottom of the post but I didn't want you to think I didn't take you serious. I know this feeling you described. It makes you feel like you can walk on water or dance across the clouds. I trust many people will be touched by this. I love the Spring Song.

brypie said...


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