Saturday, April 18, 2009


When you have a dream so pure
You fail to mind the time
Promises so dear so true
Renew your hope in life
Dreams sent from up above
Echo loudly our saviors love

Listen close dear child come near
There is no reason to harbor fear
It's only when you trust in God
That dreams will come and fill your heart
The Lord he has a master plan
Prepare yourself to take his hand

Dreams you know they do come true
If you will pray them through
Lord please help me find my way
Purpose every step I take
I want to do your will this day
Help me Lord strengthen my faith

In the mist of fantasy
Breathe your holy words in me
Speak the vision
Make it plan
Let your truth resonate

In my dreams there will always be
A special place for you and me
Never will I disobey
Hear this simple prayer I pray
Make my dreams reality
Don't let me live in make believe

1 comment said...

Beautiful poem & illustration!

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